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Indian traditional kitchens are often seen as inadequate compared to the western innovation of Modular Kitchen Designs, let’s see what makes them tick!

Benefits of Modular Kitchen Designs

1. Brilliant & Eye Catchy Designs

Modular Kitchens often stand out because of their stunning designs and displays. The wall colors and the cabinets, even the entire setup would look majestic compared to th tradtional ones.

2. Cost Effective

Modular Kitchens are often suit homes with lesser space like studio apartments. Thus they maximise the space restraints at a lower cost compared to a fullfledged traditional kitchen.

3. Easy to Customize

Modular Kitchens are easy to assemble and customize according to the needs and desires of the home owners. Changing the traditional kitchen on the other hand requires, heavy manpower, construction aids and is very expensive.

4. Simple Maintenance

Maintaining and cleaning a modular kitchen is so much easy compared to the traditional kitchens. The cleansing of the modern modular kitchens can be done thoroughly as well, thus eliminating any factors of modern pest and insect problems.

5. Quality Materials

This is perhaps the one feature that closely resonates with the traditional ones. The quality of materials, are tried and tested on the conditions a kitchen sustains such as wet and dry elements.

These are the top 5 benefits of Modular Kitchen Designs. So what are you waiting for? Choose the Modern Kitchen over your old fashioned one.

Modern Kitchen Styles , especially Modern Modular Kitchen Designs are trending across India right now. But did you know the biggest secret for their success?

Space Optimization!

Compared to Traditional Kitchens which were designed for larger spaces of old Indian households, where the inhabitants never fell anything short of a dozen, the modern housing units especially studio apartments differ majorly in size!

Modular Kitchens with their customizable space options, including convertible storage and power grids are a perfect fit for the modern flats. This true for both families and unmarried working individuals, who love to cook! Rather than spending precious time to locate ingredients, the convertible cupboads would help out them a lot!

Besides they are more cost effective than traditional kitchen designs, the units are easy to assemble and even customize according to the preferences of the home owner.

There used to be a time when Modern Modular Kitchens were very expensive and was hard to maintain,  but the latest innovations has made them far cheaper while providing sturdier quality kitchen elements.

The modern home owner also looks for the minimalistic angle, while decorating their home,  and what else is better than having a kitchen that looks elegant and space saving.

Minimalism at Kitchen

Minimalism is a one of the post modern concepts that have captured the hearts of the millenial home buyer. Though the trend had been already present in the 50s to 70s, it has made a comeeback after the 2000s again.

Minimalism is the art of living within the extremes of what you require while not pursuing majestic elements of decor, lifestyle or foodhabits. Though the same in lifestyle and foodhabits had been shunned by most, many artists and creative interior designers have proven that elegance doesn’t always need elaboration!

Minimalist Trends thus brings in an air of sophistication and culture at a cost effective rate compared to the traditional extravagance. Minimalist Home Decor had been but limited to the living rooms and bedrooms at the most in Indian households. Kitchens were always crafted in a memory of an ancient heritage, with elaborate designs, tables and pads. But now Modern Kitchen Designs especially Modular Kitchens have taken over the trend.

Modular Kitchens were conceptulalized and actualized in western nations, to fit within the rising studio apartment complexes, though the same was the case in India, since the early 90s, Modular Kitchens have now ventured onto traditional Indian Homes because of their stunning designs and comfortablilty they provide.

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